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Lampang Province :

Lampang Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions
Lampang Province is one of the oldest and most exciting tourist destinations of Thailand. It is rich in archaeological evidences reflecting the evolution, history and culture of ancient  More....

Uttaradit Province - Thailand Tourist Attractions 
Uttaradit Province :
Uttaradit Province is an ancient pre-historical region located in the lower northern part of Thailand. Located on the right bank of Nan River, this region was once a prosperous port town for shipping merchandise More....



Phuket Trip Advisor - Thailand Tourist Attractions:


     Need Phuket Trip advisor help? There is a reason why people head to Phuket and why it is popular right round the year. It is reported that nearly eleven million tourists arrive in Thailand via international flights, and out of this, five million tourists head straight for Phuket.

     It is enough to say that Phuket has its own charm and the charm comes from its twenty four pristine beaches, six golf courses, unexplored reefs and the ubiquitous James Bond film set. Thailand is believed to be one of the world’s top ten diving destinations and Phuket could be one of those reasons.

     Though a lot is spoken about Phuket’s nightlife but there is more to beautiful place besides nightclubs and partying. Phuket is home to Wat Chalong and Wat Phra Thong. Both these temples date back to the 1700s.

      Wat Chalong is a photographer’s dream come true. This temple is dedicated to two highly revered monks, Luan Por Chang and Luang Por Gluam. Both the monks’ statues are on display in the temple.

      Wat Phra Thong houses one of the most interesting Buddha images in the island. According to a legend, image of Buddha was found buried with just the top of its head showing and a little boy tied his buffalo to the head.

     However, the boy fell ill after which his father visited the place where the boy had been and found the image of Buddha buried there. The villagers dug up the image of Buddha and the moment it was done, the recovered. It is the same image of Buddha that is now on display at the Wat Phra Thong.

      You can spend your time at the photogenic Phang Ngha bay, enjoy stunning sunsets at Laem Promthep, relax on the balmy beaches, or enjoy the thrills of nightlife at Patong. One thing is for sure that Phuket is a place that once visited, is never forgotten.

Phuket Trip Advisor - Thailand Tourist Attractions




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