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Maps Of Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan Map

The Erawan Museum :
Samut Prakan Travel Guide : The Erawan Museum

       The Erawan Museum located in the province of Samut Prakan was built by Khun Lek Viriyapant. It was his desire to preserve his collection of antiques and also contribute to Thailand's cultural heritage. Many of the objects in the museum are invaluable and are considered to be sacred objects from ancient cultures.More....


Pom Phra Chulachomklao :

Samut Prakan Travel Guide : Pom Phra Chulachomklao
        Pom Phra Chulachomklao played a very important role in the history of Thailand. It is a fortress that helped to protect the sovereignty of the country in 1893. During the reign of King Rama V, the British and French empires were looking to colonize countries in Asia. More....




Samut Prakan Travel Guide :

    The Samut Prakan province, also called Pak Num, dwells at the mouth of Chao Phraya River that flows into the Gulf of Thailand. It is located in the central part of Thailand and is a part of greater Bangkok Metropolis. This province is located at a distance of 29 kilometers from Bangkok and is administratively divided into five districts. More...

Muang Boran or the Ancient City of Samut Prakan :

Samut Prakan Travel Guide : Ancient City of Samut Prakan        Muang Boran is considered to be the largest open air museum in the world. It is spread across an area of 200 acres and the construction of the museum started in latter half of 1963. The museum is located Bang Pu Mai subdistrict of Samut Prakan Province and it around 8 kilometers from Samut Prakan town.

        The attraction of Muang Boran lies in the fact that it contains scaled down as well as actual sized replicas of important historical sites from different provinces like Prasat Hin, Phanom Rung, Wat Mahathat Sukhothai, Phra That Mueang Nakhon etc. In addition, you can see some very rare traditional folk art and culture. Those people who want to learn more about Thailand should visit Muang Boran and you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. More...



Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo :

Samut Prakan Travel Guide : Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo

        The crocodile farm has around 40,000 different kinds of crocodiles who are housed in pits. The farm has daily shows which feature catching the crocodiles with bare hands. This show takes place every hour except at noon, and during holidays additional two shows are held.

        The crocodile feeding time is from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. and visitors can be present during this session. Another major attraction that features Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo is an elephant show which is held daily every hour starting from 9.30 a.m. until 4. 30 p.m.

        There are other animals that you can see and admire at the farm cum zoo and they are tigers, chimpanzees, gibbons, turtles, boa constrictors, pythons, camels, hippopotamuses, and different species of fish and birds. More...






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