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Maps Of Samut Sakhon

Samut Sakhon Map

Wat Yai Chom Prasat:
     Samut Sakhon Travel Guide : Wat Yai Chom Prasat

       During the reign of King Rama V, Wat Yai Chom Prasat was also named Wat Yai Sakhon Buri and it has the status of a royal temple. The wihan of the temple is made from bricks and cement and the base of wihan has a curve which is similar to the shape of the bottom of junk. More....


Plong Liam:

     Samut Sakhon Travel Guide : Plong Liam
        Plong Liam is a chimney of a Portuguese sugar factory. It is located near a basketball cout in Ban Plong Liam School on the banks of Tha Chi River. The sugar factory is called Captain Hit and it was built in 1824 under the reign of King Rama III. More....



Samut Sakhon Travel Guide :

    Samut Sakhon, also called Mahachai, is situated at the mouth of Tha Chin Klong River merging into the Gulf of Thailand. This province was formerly a cargo port where Chinese junks used to arrive. Samut Sakhon is 30 kilometers away from Bangkok and is present in the central part of Thailand. More....


Wat Nang Sao :

Samut Sakhon Travel Guide : Wat Nang Sao        Wat Nang Sao is located in Tha Mai subdistrict of Krathum Baen District. The temple has some importance according to the local legend. The legend goes that during the war between the Ayutthaya city of Sakhon Buri and Burma, 2 sisters hid in the ancient Phra Ubosot to escape the fight.

        They had made a vow to renovate the dilapidated temple if they survived the war. And when they war was over and the Ayutthaya city had won it after the Thai people helped one another to fight the Burmese aggression, the elder sister thought that the temple was too damaged to be renovated and decided to build a new one instead. However, the younger sister kept her vow and started renovating the old temple. After she finished the renovation, she named the temple Wat Phrommachari and later on the name of the temple changed to Wat Nong Sao. Over the years, the name got eroded to Wat Nang Sao. More...


Phanthai Norasing Shrine:

Samut Sakhon Travel Guide : Phanthai Norasing Shrine

          Although it is a small province, Samut Sakhon has a lot to offer visitors, and many of these attractions are relatively unexplored. One such site to visit is Phanthai Norasing Shrine, which is seen as a symbol of honesty. The shrine was built as a memorial for Phanthai Norasing, a man of high integrity who lived during the Ayutthaya period. In 1704, Phra Chao Sua, king of Ayutthaya, made a royal visit using the royal barge to Khok Kham Canal. Phanthai Norasing was the coxswain of the barge and did not know how to steer it.

           As a result the prow of the barge broke after it hit a limb of the tree. Phanthai Norasing immediately acknowledged his mistake and although he was forgiven by the king, Phanthai Norasing requested the king to kill as per the palace. King Chao Sua granted Phanthai Norasing his wish and after his death, the king built a shrine for the slain coxswain. The shrine was built at Khlong Khok Kham. Later this canal was disused because of the sharp curves and instead the Mahachai Canal was built. More...






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