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In Buri National Museum :

Sing Buri Trael Guide : In Buri National Museum
        In Buri National Museum is located in In Buri District. The museum is located at the banks of Chao Phraya River. Earlier museum was a temple but under the aegis of the former abbot of the temple, Phra Thepsutthimoli, the Ecclesiastical Provincial Governor of Sing Buri and Uthan Thani Provinces, the museum was established to house his collection of ancient artifacts and artwork, which he had been collecting since 1940.More....


Maenam Noi Kiln Site :
         The kilns found in Maenam Noi Kiln Site are basically divided into 3 parts. Each kiln has a chimney, pottery room and fuel room. During the Ayutthaya period, these kilns were considered to be large scale ones and that is why visitors will be surprised at the size of the kilns. Each kiln is around 14 meters long and 5.6 meters. The chimney has a diameter of 2.15 meters.More....



Sing Buri Travel Guide :

        Located at a distance of 142 kilometers north of Bangkok, Sing Buri is a very old and historical province. This province is on the western bank of Chao Phraya River and has a significant place in early Thai history. Buri National Museum is the most prominent tourist destination. This museum is located inside the Wat Bot temple and houses several ancient artifacts and remnants that illustrate the early Thai history. More...

Khai Bang Rachan Monument :

Sing Buri Trael Guide : Khai Bang Rachan Monument

        Heroes of Khai Bang Rachan Monument and Khai Bang Rachan Park are located in Khai Bang Rachan District of Sing Buri Province. The monument and the park are around 15 kilometers from the town of Sing Buri.

        The park is famous for the sculptures of 11 leaders of Khai Bang Rachan. The sculptures of these heroes was built by the Department of Fine arts and located in the beautiful and vibrant gardent of Bang Rachan Park. The park was inaugurated in July 1976 under the aegis of King Bhumibol, the King of Thailand.

        Khai Bang Rachan, or Bang Rachan Camp, occupies an important place in the history of Sing Buri. The camp is well-known for the heroic efforts of the Thai people against the might of the huge Burmese army. The villagers from Ban Bang Rachan came together to form a united front to fight the Burmese army in 1765. The village endured 8 attacks over a period of 5 months and managed to keep the invading Burmese army at bay until 1766, when they were conquered. More...


Wat Sawang Arom

Sing Buri Trael Guide : Wat Sawang Arom        Sing Buri has earned a lot of name and fame because of the heroic acts of the villagers of Bang Rachan during a battle against Burmese army. The province is located around 142 kilometers from Bangkok and covers and area of 841 square kilometers.

        The provincial town of Sing Buri is located around 40 meters from Chao Phraya River on the banks of Chakkrasi River. In 1895, Sing Buri town was elevated to a province under the reign of King Rama V.

        Wat Sawang Arom ia located in Ban Bang Mon in the town of Mueang Sing Buri. The temple is located around 2 kilometers from the old city hall towards the Chao Phraya River. It is around 3 kilometers from the town of Sing Buri. Wat Sawang Arom is a center of art and here students can learn everything about the construction of ubosot, wihan, sala and in particular Buddha images. The art of creating Buddha images has been passed down from the famous Ban Chang Lo School located in Thon Buri district. More...





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