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Ramkhamhaeng National Park :

Ramkhamhaeng National Park
     Located 20 kilometers from the city of Sukhothai is one of the most magnificent natural parks in Thailand known as the Ramkhamhaeng National Park. More....


Sukhothai Ramkhamhaeng National Museum :

Sukhothai  Ramkhamhaeng National Museum  - Sukhothai Tourist Attractions
     Sukhothai, which literally means “Dawn of Happiness”, is one the most enchanting provinces in Thailand. It is located 427 kilometers north of Bangkok. This province was founded in the year 1238 and was once the capital of Thailand for approximately 120 years. More....



Sukhothai Historical Park 

    Sukhothai is one of the ancient provinces located in the northern part of Thailand. Founded during the 13th century, Sukhothai was the first truly independent Thai Kingdom that flourished to prosperity during the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng.

     There are several attractive locations inside the province that tourists can visit. One such place is the ancient city of Sukhothai. This historically significant location is situated 12 kilometers from the modern city of Sukhothai.

     Officially known as the Sukhothai Historical Park, the ancient city of Sukhothai is located in Tambon Muang Kao of Amphoe Muang Sukhothai. Inside the park, there are several ruins of royal palaces, Buddhist temples, walls, moats, dams, ponds, canals and even the water dyke control system that was in use during this period. The ancient city of Sukhothai is a true depiction of ancient Thai heritage and culture. It is also considered as Thailand’s national identity.

       The entire city is constructed in a rectangular shape spread over 1,300 meters wide and 1,800 meters long. The city is surrounded by a city wall containing 4 gates. Some of the monuments present inside the city wall include the Royal Palace, Wat Mahathat, King Ramkhamhaeng monument, Wat Si Sawai, The Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, and San-T-Pha-Daeng or the Deity Shrine. There are also several notable monuments located outside the city wall. Prominent among these include ruins of the old celadon factory, Wat Phra Phai Luan and Wat Si Chum.
      Sukhothai Historical Park is open to visitors every day from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Admission into the park costs around 40 baht.

      Due to its vast area, it is not possible to travel around the city on foot. Tram services and bicycles are available on rent inside the park for the convenience of the tourists.

Sukhothai Historical Park 





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