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Maps Of Surin

Surin Map


Prasat Ta Muen  :

Surin Travel Guide : Prasat Ta Muen
      Prasat Ta Muen was constructed in the 10th century and even after so many hundreds of years, you can still see many prangs or pagodas. Prasat Ta Muen is, in fact, a complex of temples and the single pagoda in the center is the main one.More....


Surin Elephant Festival :

Surin Travel Guide : Surin Elephant Festival
       The Surin Elephant Festival is extremely popular not just with the foreign tourists but also with the domestic ones. It is held on a very large scale and it seems to be a befitting tribute to Thailand's most loved animal -- the elephant.More....




Surin Travel Guide :

Phanom Sawai Forest Park 

        Phanom Sawai Forest Park is located in Prasart District in the province of Surin. In fact, this park is based inside a reserved forest, which is known as Pah Khao Sawai National Reserved Forest. The park covers an area of 3.96 square kilometers.


        Phanom Sawai Forest Park attracts a lot of visitors who come to admire the hills and their three peaks. The first peak is known as Phanom Preah and this where you can find the sacred image of Lord Buddha in a blessing posture. This image is known as Phra Phuttha Surin Mongkhon and is house in Wat Khao Phanom Sawai. On the second peak, which is named Phanom Srei, you can see a medium-sized Buddha image, while the last and the third peak is called Phanom Krol and this where you can see a replica of Lord Buddha's footprint. The footprint is housed in a hall with 8 porches. Phanom Krol is highly revered by the local people who come here to pray and give homage in the fifth lunar month.

        The three mountains are connected to one another and the place where they join is known as Phanom Sawai.

        Phanom Sawai Forest Park has a dry deciduous dipterocarp forest which is how to a number of small wildlife like squirrels, Malayan flying lemur and wild rabbit. Bird watchers will not be disappointed with the variety of birds found here. The park is home to birds like spotted dove, kingfisher, partridge, white-breasted waterhen, kite, and grebe among others.

Surin Travel Guide : Phanom Sawai Forest Park





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