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Doi Sutep - Chiang Mai Tourist Attraction

Doi Sutep - Chiang Mai Tourist Attraction:
There are many ways that you can find actions in Thailand such as escort services, massage parlor, and More....

Northern Thailand Tours - A Haven For Tourists :
The topography of northern Thailand is hilly and mountainous. Northern Thailand is made of 17 provinces which occupy nearly 170,000 square kilometers, bordering Laos in the east and Myanmar in the west.More....



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Avoid Visiting Southernmost Provinces:

            If you are planning to visit Thailand, you might want to avoid high risk to your security in the southernmost provinces of Narathiwat, yala, Pattani, and Songkhla. There is an ongoing violence insurgency since 2004. There are over 1,700 deaths because of the terrorist attacks since then.

            Right now the attack only occur in the provinces of Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat, ,but there are some speculations that the attacks may occur elsewhere in Thailand like Bangkok and other tourist areas. It is advisable to exercise precaution for terrorist attack in public and commercial areas such as hotels, bars, shopping areas, and landmark places. There are no evidence that the terrorists are targeting foreigner in particular, but you do not want to get caught up in the unpredictable act of terrorism.

            You should also exercise some precaution, if you will be traveling near Myanmar/Thai border. There are some minor conflict on the border between Thai and Myanmar military. If you plan to visit beyond he border areas, you should check with the local authorities before your trip. For more information, you should contact your embassy for further details.

Main terrorist tactics and targets in Thailand




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( Main terrorist tactics and targets in Thailand )