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Where to apply for a Thai driving license ?

Where to apply for a Thai driving license ?
   The Department of Land Transportation is an equivalent of U.S. department of Motor Vehicles. This is where you can apply for a Thai driving license. The head of office of the department of Land Transportation is located in the Chachutjak district of Bangkok.More....

Jobs For Foreigners in Thailand 

Jobs For Foreigners in Thailand:
   Thailand has an excellent record on employment rate with under 2% of the population unemployed. There are many great job opportunities for foreigners in Thailand.More....



How Can You Obtain Work Permit In Thailand?

      If you are a Thai citizen or lawful permanent resident, you will need to apply for a work permit to legally work in Thailand. Here is how you can do it.


Guidelines For Obtaining a Thai Work Permit :

  • Check your employer's eligibility to apply for you. Not every employer will be qualified to apply for a work permit for you. Your potential employer must have minimum of two million baht in registered capital and the minimum of four Thai employees.

  • Your passport must have at least five blank pages for visa stamps, and it must be valid at least twelve months.
  • You must have a Non-Immigrant visa before applying for a work permit. If you don't have one already, you will need to make a visa run. Travel outside the kingdom of Thailand to get a NON-B visa. Your NON-B visa will be good for ninety days.
  • Prepare the paperwork for work permit application. You will need at least ten passport colour phots, five copies of passport 's main page, a letter from your company. The application process will take at least two weeks before you can pick up your work permit.
  • Get 5 copies of "Extension of Work Permit" from the Labour Department. Your will need to use them for later.
  • The next step is to apply for one year extension of stay at your local immigration office. The immigration will usually first extend your NON B for only a month. You will need to make another visa run to extend re-entry permit.
  • Go back to the Labor Department to update your work permit book. Your visa and permit should have expiry date in sync.
  • Keep making a visa run and updating your work permit book until you finallly get one year extension.
  • Finally, Update Work Permit to one year.

Cost of Applying for a Work Permit: 5,000 baht

After You Get The Work Permit:

  • You should carry work permit with you at any time.
  • You are only allowed to perform job according to the permit.
  • You must continue to work to be eligible for an extension after your work permit expires.

Required Document for Non-Immigrant Visa

  • Signed Visa Application from a Thai director
  • Two recently taken photos ( 3.5 X 4.5 cms)
  • A copy of company certification with a list of shareholders

Required Document for 90 Days Work Permit Renewal

  • A copy of a company certificate
  • A copy of Visa and Passport
  • Letter of Power of Attorney

Employer Tips:

  • Avoid hiring a foreigner withouot a work permit. The penalties are severe. You may face up to three years imprisonment ,or fine up to 60,000 baht, or both.

Thai Work Permit Guidelines




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